Nutrisystem Meals and their Size

One of the common complaints I hear often from dieters is the physically small size of the Nutrisystem meals and why can't they be larger and more satisfying, while still losing weight.

This is actually a foolish thing to grumble about, when the whole point of being on a diet is to teach your body to eat less food and be satisfied with it!

With that said, I want to dissect the philosophy behind the portion sizes provided in this popular meal replacement diet food delivery company's menu and explain why it is actually desirable to get used to eating less but healthily to get in shape and maintain a healthier, fitter looking body.

Nutrisystem Information

small like nutrisystem mealsNot everyone is satisfied with their particular chosen diet plan and that's to be expected as you'll never get something that everyone is satisfied with. It's just human nature to be a little different from the next person.

So it naturally follows that what may suit someone perfectly may mot suit someone else. This is one good reason to read a good Nutrisystem review article or several to gain a balanced view of what the program offers.

The same can be said of the meal size that comes packaged with the Nutrisystem diet plans. This article looks at this issue and brings some possible advice and arguments that might go some way to alleviating the problem.

Feeling Hungry

While most people accept the relatively small Nutrisystem meal size in their diet plans for what they are and get on with their diets and lose weight, some customers complain that meals are too small and they feel hungry all the time. There is no one size that fits all, so the simple answer here is to do this.

Instead of complaining about it, adjust your own perspective and look at it from the eyes of someone who really wants to lose weight. That's not to say you don't really want to lose weight, or you wouldn't have gone on the diet to begin with.

However, different people have different motivations to achieve the things they set out to do. While the more driven and success-minded individuals will rely on themselves to take responsibility for their weight, there are many others that merely expect someone else to do it all for them.

If you think the meals provided are too small for Nutrisystem to work, what is probably happening here is that you have become accustomed to eating large meals as your regular diet. So when you open the box and see what looks tiny in comparison, you naturally see it as way too small.

Your mind decides that you'll stay hungry after eating the meals even before your body actually digests it. So the way around this is to train your mind to see the meals as being just the right size for you to lose weight successfully with.

Retrain Your Mind

That is an important step in taking responsibility and using your own intelligence to work for you. You can choose the way you see things just as you can choose whether to go on a diet or stay as you are, overweight and obviously not overjoyed at it.

I'll let you into one of my little secrets here: A great way to beat the feeling of hunger you may experience is to convince yourself that those meals are actually just enough to satisfy you completely.

What is no great secret is that this simply yet powerful strategy is part of the process of understanding the significance of the smaller size of Nutrisystem meals and how to work advantageously with that process. It's really not so different from re-training your brain to learn to perform new tasks or adapt to learning new skills.


You are, after all, trying to lose weight and in order to do that you need to physically eat less food than you normally do because eating more than your body actually needs is a big part of the reason you got overweight in the first place, right?

There are also the many food additives in regular food products that you buy at the grocery store that have a negative affect on your weight, most notably high fructose corn syrup, a sweetener that will really pile on the pounds if eaten in excess. By avoiding these foods, your chances of reducing your weight are much greater.

It all comes right in the end when you start using your intelligence and ability to reason things out for your advantage and see the meals as the best solution to you losing all that weight. And lose it you will!