Nutrisystem Review Cost and Analysis

There is never a wrong time to start a diet if you need to lose weight and this Nutrisystem review and cost analysis article may help you decide if it's right for you and fits with your lifestyle and needs.

When you are living a busy lifestyle and you really cannot find the extra time to devote to a proper, calorie controlled diet in order to lose weight, your options are limited but there are still options.

Nutrisystem is a well known, long established and highly respected provider of ready prepared, replacement diet meals that are delivered to your door. This article looks at this convenient diet option for busy people with busy lifestyles that will find this product fits in with their schedule better than most.

Reviews of any diet product will benefit people who are thinking of having a go at shedding some weight by making use of it. Here we will focus on its many advantages and disadvantages to give a balanced view on how Nutrisystem works and the way it can facilitate you to lose weight with success.

What it's All About

nutrisystem reviewSo what is this meal replacement program all about? Well, first off, Nutrisystem is made up of a system that works by providing you, the customer with all the food you'll need for a four week period at a time.

That meal package is made up of ready, prepared meals that are there to be eaten instead of all the regular meals you'd grown used to eating before you started the program. Nutrisystem's low calorie, high nutrition meals are generally healthier and better balanced than what you've been used to eating.

They are made up of a good balance between low Glycemic Index (GI) carbs, protein and fiber. They contain all the nutrients your body will need to maintain itself in the best health it can be, while also being smaller and lower in calories to help you to lose the amount of weight you have already decided you are aiming to lose.

The company's own dietitians and health specialists recommend that you add few fresh vegetables and some protein sources that you can buy at the store to go with their meals. That's a good way to add some bulk to what are often considered rather small plates to help you feel satisfied and avoid the chance you might feel hungry between meals.

One point here: This is only a recommendation, it is not obligatory. I often hear from people who worry they must always add extra food to their meals, but it is not necessary if you don't want to. The meals are designed to be complete in themselves.

Yes, their meals are smaller than what you've probably been used to eating. You know why?

It's common for overweight people to have gotten accustomed to sitting down to bigger meals loaded with less than healthy ingredients (especially store-bought ready meals) while adding low GI carbs like bread, pasta or white rice to them. Believe it or not, that's quite a reasonable assessment of why you'd gotten overweight to begin with.

Here's the deal with any meal replacement diet program: You want to lose weight? You have to start by eating less!

Pros and Cons of the Program

There are plusses and minuses in every dieting program and this one is no different. The small meal size might seem like a big disadvantage, but it's not really. Look at the plus side, which is if you're going to get used to eating less, you simply cannot fail to see those excess pounds dropping off: it's the law of physics at work!

It's only going to seem like a minus to you if you can't accept you need to eat less to lose weight. Way too many people resort to snacking on stuff you are probably well aware is totally bad for your waistline.

You know, stuff like cupcakes, cookies pastries or one of the biggest culprits: potato chips. When you've made your mind up you're on a mission to lose weight on this program, know that these kinds of snacks will work against the diet's many benefits, so leave them alone if you're determined to succeed!

Nutrisystem Gas Problems

One other disadvantage you might come across when you first start eating Nutrisystem's meals is experiencing more flatulence (gas) than normal. This generally happens as a result of the change your digestive system needs to adjust to as it will be dealing better quality, healthy food instead of junk.

While it's busy making that adjustment, one of the natural side-effects is more flatulence than normal. It doesn't last for long once your body gets used to the food, so if you can handle a few little embarrassing episodes here and there, you'll be losing the weight and being healthier into the bargain!

The Benefits of a Nutrisystem Diet

There are plenty of advantages to using Nutrisystem to help reduce your weight that completely outweigh any disadvantages. Here are just a few of the more poignant ones:

With the Basic plans, store all the food in a cool pantry with some frozen meals needing the freezer. With the Uniquely Yours plans, store most of the meals in the freezer

The meals are convenient, really effortless to prepare and they are nutritious and healthy. All you have to do is take them from the freezer then pop them inside the microwave for the time printed on the packaging.

Out they come and you sit down to eat. It's straight forward, easy and effortless!

What Does Nutrisystem Cost Per Month?

The cost is something that concerns a lot of prospective customers. Sure, it looks a little expensive at the outset. But you have to remember that these meals totally replace all of your regular meals for a month. What would you normally spend on food in a month for yourself?

Well, deduct that amount from the Nutrisystem cost and then if there is a difference, that's the true cost of the plan. You might even see it works out cheaper than your regular month's food bill!

However, you're reading these paragraphs because you want to know the actual Nutrisystem cost per month for food so you can plan and budget appropriately. That way you will know that you can easily afford to get started on this program and start getting back in shape!

What I can tell you as a rough guideline is that prices start for the 28 day Basic plan for women at around $10 a day ($300 a month) ranging up to the high end Uniquely Yours plan for men at around $13 a day ($390 a month).

Important: These are only rough, ballpark figures and the actual prices may change at any time.

The exact prices for each plan vary from plan to plan and also may change throughout the year with special offers and promotions the company often has. For that reason, I can't publish a set price list as it may become outdated and inaccurate. The best way to know what it will cost you is to visit the official Nutrisystem website and follow the easy links to the plan of your choice to see their current prices.


All in all, you are obviously really interested in getting started with Nutrisystem because you really want to lose some weight.

Maybe you're a little tight on time to be working on traditional kinds of diets where you have to do all the food shopping and prepare and cook all the meals yourself. Maybe you just like the convenience and ease of this type of dieting solution.

Well, this will help you to lose those excess pounds as long as you stick to it like you mean it and don't ever cheat. If there is any possibility you can also do some light exercise as often as possible; that will really help your efforts.

Eating right and exercising, even if it's just going for long walks in the fresh air each day can definitely help any person to lose weight if your body is burning more calories than you are taking in through what you eat and drink. And that's a fact!

For further information on this product, there is a great resource that covers it in even more depth and it can be located here in other related articles.