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Searching for information on Nutrisystem can be hard work or it can be easy when you land on this page! I have put together an overview of what the program is and how it can help you lose weight easily and quickly when you know how to leverage its many benefits to your advantage.

Let's take a closer look at this popular meal replacement diet delivery program from America's No1, Nutrisystem!

What is Nutrisystem?

nutrisystem informationIt's basically an easy, convenient and effective diet program created with a busy person who leads a hectic lifestyle in mind. To save you precious time, it provides all your meals for you.

That means no shopping for special ingredients, no preparing food and cooking it, no counting calories or balancing nutritional values. You just place your order, the company delivers 28 days worth of meals to your door and you eat what they send you and lose weight.

Does that sound really simple?

Well it should do, because it IS! And that's why it is so successful among dieters across the country.

How Does Nutrisystem Help Me Lose Weight?

The meals are specially designed to provide all the nutrition you need while being low in calories, sugar, refined carbs and unhealthy fats. The idea is to cause your body to burn fat for energy and thus use up its store of excess fat.

It's the stored fat in your body that makes you look, well, fat! That fat store also contributes a lot of excess weight that you don't need to be carrying around all day.

Here's why this works:

The body needs to convert sugars into glucose to feed the muscles that do the work that needs to be done every day, from physical exertion to running the body's organs and basically keeping you alive. The body only needs so much of that glucose to maintain a balance between the sugars consumed and the energy used.

When things are in equilibrium, you don't gain or lose any weight and as long as you stay physically active and are getting the right amount of nutrition from wholesome food, you should stay healthy. It's when things get out of balance that causes the problems.

Consuming more sugars than the body can use up causes the excess to get converted into fat cells, which are stored for later use.

This goes back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors who did not have a regular supply of food. They ate excessively when there was bountiful food so that they could stay alive through a period of no food until more could be found.

Today in our modern society, most of us don't actually need to store fat because there is generally a consistent supply of food always. However, the body doesn't know that, so it will keep storing more fat in case the food should run out.

Visceral Fat

As fat gets stored in greater amounts, it becomes a real problem. Visceral fat, which is the kind of fat stored in your abdomen. It is mostly the result of insulin removing excess sugar from the blood stream to be converted to fat.

Visceral fat cell colonies take on a kind of primitive intelligence that causes them to secrete hormones to fool the body into believing it needs more food, even when you've just eaten a big meal. In other words, the more of this fat you store, the more of it you will make through overeating, especially high sugar-based foods.

These fat cells are also very difficult to remove once they have formed large colonies in your abdomen. They don't go without a fight!

The only way is to literally starve them of the nourishment they crave (and force you to crave). Sugar!

By restricting all sugar and sweeteners from your diet and being physically active at the same time, you force the body to take its energy from those fat cells. This process is called Ketosis and in this mode, the body burns fat for energy.

That reduces the number and size of visceral fat cells until they are under control and no longer visible as a flabby belly. With their reduction comes a reduction in body weight too.

That's how Nutrisystem works, by restricting sugars (calories) to starve fat cells and make the body use them up for energy. At the same time, you can (and should) help yourself and the process by taking daily exercise to help raise the metabolism and speed up the fat burning process.


To make things even easier for you, here is a great video that explains graphically much of what I wrote about above.

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