Tips for Losing Weight

There is another very good reason to get plenty of exercise every day, especially if you have allowed yourself to become overweight and that's to lose those extra pounds you have gained. While many people tend to turn to special diets to help them lose weight, there really is no better substitute for keeping yourself fit and getting plenty of exercise each day coupled with eating a healthy, low sugar diet.

You only have to read the many tips for aiding weight loss that are available to help people lose weight to see that one of the most important aspects of getting and maintaining a great looking figure and a healthy physical body is through exercise combined with eating a healthy, balanced diet and drinking lots of plain water.

tips for losing weightIt's common sense, really but so few people actually follow this line of reasoning and instead get caught up in bad habits of both eating the wring foods, drinking too much soda and other unhealthy drinks and not getting enough exercise.

Why Exercise to Get Slim?

The reason you need to exercise every day is to keep your muscles working and maintain a high metabolic rate. This is the rate at which your body processes food and converts the energy it derives from that food into building a healthy body.

When your metabolism slows down through too much inactivity, you will naturally store more fat from the food you eat because that spare energy is simply not being used. That's part of the reason why people's diets all too often cause them to gain the extra pounds when it's coupled with inactivity.

Exercising your muscles every day helps to keep your metabolism high and that means more efficient use of the food you eat, with almost none of it being left over to be stored as fat. The stronger and better maintained your body's muscles are, the better it is at converting the energy it gets from food into building a better body.

Another major benefit from exercising regularly is that your body will appear slimmer and better toned thanks to those muscles being tighter yet more flexible and being better able to hold your body with better poise.

Why Diet Too?

There needs to be a balance struck between how many calories you are burning through activity and how many calories you are cramming into your body through what you are eating and drinking each day. While exercise is good for fitness and body tone, you need to do an awful lot of it to burn excessive amounts of fuel to counter what you are consuming through eating a bad diet.

Before I get into fuel/energy in/out which is handily measured in calories, I need to first drive home one very important point: There are calories and there are calories!

Many experts will tell us that an average sized woman needs to consume around 1,500 calories per day to maintain a manageable balance between fuel in and energy out. An average size man needs a little more at around 2,000 calories per day.

That's all very nice and measurable except it doesn't take into account what form those units of energy come in. Here's what I mean:

A person can happily consume 1,500 calories from purely protein, good fats and dietary fiber and not gain any weight through storing extra fat in their bodies. That's because the body knows how to process this type of food to maximize its constituents for building muscle, bone and keeping the body generally healthy.

On the other hand, a person can consume 1,500 calories from sugar by drinking soda, eating cakes and cookies and some bread and while they'll feel as full after eating as the protein eater mentioned above, they will be far more likely to store a big portion of those calories as fat. That's because the body does not know what to do with all that excess energy if it is not supplying it directly to the muscles that require it because they're working hard.

Worse, because there is very low nutritional value in sugar, the body will lose muscle and bone density as it attempts to take from these sources the nutrients it needs. That's a lose-lose situation in health terms!

That's why it makes sense to eat as healthily as possible and not allow sugar to make up an appreciable portion of your daily calorie intake.

The Tips

Here are some great ideas that you can take away and use for yourself or share with your friends and family if you choose:

These tips might sound pretty obvious and they are. It's just that while they may be what many physical health specialists and experts are telling people all the time, few actually listen and take action.

By taking action and getting these things done, you will lose weight while improving your health and fitness levels along the way. That equates to what you want to achieve, which is looking and feeling great! For more information, please check out this website: for some great tips on losing weight.